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About the doctor

After working for 7 years with a Bachelors Degree in Physical Therapy, I went back to get my Doctorate in Physical Therapy because I felt that there was something missing.


In order for me to practice on my own,  I wanted to take full responsibility for my patients’ health and well being by being able to think independently and being able to make sound judgements on their diagnoses and prognosis and I thought that having a Doctorate helped me with that.”


A lot of Physical Therapists practice without a Doctorate.


Why did I do this?  


Because believe it or not, I care about my patients. 


I do not work for profit because if I wanted that, I would continue to work for big corporations that I used to work for.  These corporations don’t even exist anymore because their model did not work.  Their model was to get as many patients as they can and worked with too much volume which meant patient care suffered because they spent less time with each patient.  


For this reason, I spend an hour and take my time with each patient so they can feel like an individual and not be a number.  I went into healthcare because I wanted to help people.  Growing up Catholic, I believed I have a mission and it is a life of service to people in need.

You're welcome to view my California Physical Therapist License here: License #23271

Dr. Mekata portrait.

Dr. Deanna mekata, P.T., D.P.T.

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